Try the World at Tekserve

Whenever I go on trips to Peru what I look forward to most is being able to eat yellow potatoes every single day. Unfortunately, once the trip is over so is my daily consumption of yellow potatoes because you can’t find them anywhere in the US. Coalition: Flatiron member, Try The World, started as an attempt to change this by offering subscribers a chance to try food staples from different countries around the world that you can’t find in the US. Since getting to try new cuisine is often times the best part of travelling, it’s like taking a trip without ever leaving home. The way it works is you subscribe to the service and receive a box twice a month that contains the following:


  • 6 or 7 artisanal delicacies
  • A card describing each product
  • A culture guide with music, movies, and recipes


The boxes are named after the countries they represent, for example the Spain box is available for September. When asked what his favorite box was David Foult, Co-Founder, replied, “My favorite box so far is the Marrakesh Box, not only because it has very interesting and delicious products (Argan oil, kefta rub, authentic cookies etc.), but also because I have Moroccan origins. My grandmother would always cook amazing Moroccan dishes using similar products to the ones which were in the box, and being able to share these traditions with tens of thousands in the US was a blast and a privilege that made my grandmother very happy!”

Try the World were featured speakers on a panel hosted by Tekserve, an Apple service provider and retailer. The Founder’s Panel: The Magic of Recurring Revenue was on Tuesday, 8/25, from 6-8pm.