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Office Spaces

Coalition Space has a wide variety of offices for rent in New York City, Chicago River North and Downtown Jersey City. When you rent a private office from us, you get privacy, security, internet, pantry and as much community as you would like.
From technology to financial professionals, marketing, back office or corporate leadership you will find the office you need with the flexible term you need. Our build outs include extra lounge space with natural light as well to satisfy you, your team and clients. You also receive meeting room access.

Large Teams

You need to choose an office space that scales and grows with you – that navigates challenges and uncertainty with you.
Coalition Space has private suites with their own entrances and hallways, as well as other configurations which are perfect for your enterprise. We offer an inclusive, managed workspace solution for small companies to large corporations. While we will provide you with a permanent employee-wellness-oriented occupancy solution, we also provide swing space on occasion to bridge your direct lease completion, and be there for you if there are delays or breakage.

Maintain workplace agility

Maintain workplace agility while delivering a best-in-class employee experience. Whether you’re looking to support a satellite office, expand your national presence, or build a custom headquarters, we’ll partner with you to deliver a holistic workplace experience that brings out the best in your team.

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Best for Small and Mid-Size Teams | Offices and Suites

Best for Large Teams | HQ by Coalition Space

Satellite offices that feel like flagships. Experience the best of both worlds — the ownership of your own office paired with our premium services and amenities. Gather as a team in your private space or take advantage of high-quality shared spaces
Custom headquarters without the hassle or the overhead. We deliver private, standalone suites with flexible terms. Created with your flexibility in mind, we help your business stay agile in the markets you serve and in the talent you attract.

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