--- title: Meeting Rooms layout: default content_title_2: Meeting Rooms content_text_2: |- Even if you don't make a monthly commitment, you can rent any of our meeting rooms for your client meeting, event, workshop, class, morning sales meeting, strategy sessions, and the likes, all with presentation technology. We have a variety of rooms available from boardrooms to conference rooms, meeting rooms and/or private offices.
Need a private space to host an off-site meeting, live-streaming event, or video conference call? Our goal is to enhance your workday by creating spaces for you to connect online or in-person and get focused work done.
Hourly: Starting at $35/hour to $50/hour
Membership: Holding on-going weekly or monthly meetings? We offer a membership for conference room usage only with discounted rates. With the conference room membership, you’ll receive a 50% discount on meeting rooms to rent on an hourly basis.
Starting at $100/month you’ll receive 4 meeting room hours with the option to purchase more with an additional 15% discount. content_title_3: Amenities content_text_3: |- High-Speed Internet
Bottomless Coffee Cup
Flat Screen TV
HDMI Cables

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