Frequently Asked Questions

Coalition Space Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum service agreement?

All our membership plans are on a month-to-month basis.

How secure are your office premises?

Extremely secure. In fact, there are several security levels in place: The building has 24-hour front desk security, the office is only accessible via a private elevator activated by a security key provided to Coalition Space clients, and the Coalition Space office itself is only accessible via a separate security key and the office space is monitored by security cameras. Plus, private offices and workstation cabinets are both lockable and secure. In addition, there is always staff on-site during office hours.

How soon can I move in?

For shared plans, private rooms and dedicated desks, we generally ask for 5 business days’ notice as we must setup your work area, provide access to the building, and resolve other logistical requirements.

How fast is your Internet speed?

We provide premium high-speed fiber internet in all of our Coalition Space locations. We also offer the option to opt for a premium port to members who are always working online.

What size business do you cater to?

Our office is ideal for businesses anywhere from 1-100 employees in size.

What type of business do you cater best to?

Ideally, this type of work environment is for the company looking for a professional environment, with a young and creative atmosphere. Any new, young or established company that wants to be part of a dynamic co-working environment and believes they’ll benefit and contribute to it is an ideal fit! However, we also cater to corporate and larger companies that simply need a presence through our virtual plans or simply need a small office located in NYC, Jersey City, Chicago and Boston.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. Before your service agreement renews, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan. For accounting reasons, we ask that you limit changes to plans to 1/6-mo. If by some chance you do find that you require immediate adjustments, we will absolutely accommodate you if space is available.

Where are shared spaces located?

Our shared work spaces are located in the open, brightly lit west side space, located near the break room, kitchen, small conference room, etc.

What are your office hours?

Our locations offer 24/7 access to members renting private offices and dedicated desks. Hot desk and day pass users will have access to the buildings during business hours Monday through Friday.

What is the after-hours access to the building?

Our locations offer 24/7 access to members renting private offices and dedicated desks. Hot desk and day pass users will have access to the buildings during business hours Monday through Friday.

Is there a receptionist on duty?

Yes. Each Coalition Space location has a community manager on site during business hours Monday to Friday.

Is there easy access to public transportation?

Yes, all of our Coalition Space locations are conveniently located near major transportation hubs, so wherever you live getting to and from the office won’t be an issue.

May I hang personal Artworks?

You may hang personal artwork within a private office room.

Do you offer cleaning services?

Yes, we have a professional cleaner on site Monday through Friday to maintain the space.

May I bring a spare cabinet for extra storage?

Yes. This option is only extended to members who are renting private offices, however. For workstation environments, we provide lockable cabinets.

How often can I use the conference room?

Private Office members get 10 conference room hours per month with the option to buy more hours. Dedicated desk and virtual office users get 4 conference room hours per month with the option to buy more. The conference room is restricted to a three-hour time limit per meeting, and you must reserve the conference room in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts with other members. This ensures that other Coalition Space members may also have equal access to the conference room. However, in the event you need additional time (and there is space available), we’ll do our best to accommodate. We also encourage members to use the evenings and Saturdays for longer time-frames of usage.

Where do I get my Mail?

If you choose to have your mail delivered to one of our Coalition Space locations, there is a mail room where members can collect their mail daily.

Can I bring guests and clients?

Yes. Our Coalition Space community managers will inform you upon their arrival.

How can I pay for membership?

We accept all major credit cards. When you join you’ll be invited to our member portal where you can seamlessly make payments online with the payment method of your choice. We do not accept checks.

Can I bring dogs or other animals?

We have different policies for our different locations regarding animals in the workplace. Our Flatiron location is Dog-Friendly!

If I have additional questions, who can I ask?

We suggest you email all your additional questions, comments and queries to and we’ll be glad to answer any additional concerns you may have!