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Flex Desk: Designed to offer a flexible, creative space to work, and the opportunity for community where like-minded people can collaborate and swap ideas. FLEX DESK Membership offers you a desk and a seat in our common areas, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition to a place to work, you enjoy the perks of a full membership.

The FLEX DESK membership offers you:
Business Hours Access, 4 hours of meeting room bookings, Use of common areas

Our FLEX DESK membership is great for:
Remote and Part-Time Workers
Client Meetings

Professionals with clients around the area who need a place to work between meetings. Many of our FLEX Members are coffee shop converts needing a more quiet place to work! People who need to get away from their traditional office to get some work done! Sounds funny, but it’s true. Workers use the space for a few days or a month to get some focused work done or meet a deadline. Entrepreneurs who need a break from the isolation or distractions of a home office. Professionals needing to escape WFH!

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