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Dedicated Desk

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Dedicated Desk

Enjoy a dedicated desk of your own in an open and professional environment. You'll set up shop in the same spot each day and have all the amenities of membership. A locking file cabinet is also included with your workspace set-up. With a dedicated desk, we work to ensure you have everything you need to increase productivity and the opportunity to grow a community at work.

We are serious about Coalition Space being a space where you can work, connect, and grow.
- Fast & Secure Wi-Fi
- Professional Business Address and Suite Number
- Professional Conference Rooms for Client Meetings
- Secure 24/7, 365 Days per Year
- Access Locking Filing Cabinet

Entrepreneurs, Coaches/Consultants, Remote Workers who are tired of the distractions and isolation of a home office. Workers who want a professional office and suite number that can be searchable on Google.
Remote and Part-Time Workers Professionals needing to escape WFH
Creatives whose creativity has taken over their home and need a place to work, as well as, store their creative stuff. Workers with clients in the city who need a central location to work with easy access to major transportation hubs
Freelancers and Start-ups who need professional meeting space for client or employee meetings.
People who are looking for a place for collaboration and growth.

People who need to get away from their traditional/corporate office to get some work done!

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