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Being one of the pioneer operators of flexible shared office spaces and coworking, we have nailed down the right technology, design and hospitality experience that enables all users to be efficient at all times. Born in 2002, our years of experience and expertise allow us to curate to every professional and organizations workspace requirements. We are a proud mature platform of technology and hospitality. We value experience, exceeding all expectations in an industry that has a reputation for being a short term solution for members. As a result, Coalition Space has members that have remained loyal to our brand for over a decade. Our ethos has led us to create spaces that are well-structured operational business centers that cater to the needs of a diverse set of members. Each location has an experienced community manager that manages the space, organizes events, and ensures that the conference rooms are being managed correctly. Our community managers have their finger on the pulse of what members want and are thinking. Often connecting people as needed, offering introductions, and administrative support. Our professional staff would get to know all our members by name and constantly facilitate introductions between members. Coworkers will thrive knowing that there is the potential for interactions when they desire or need them. We also have dedicated community managers that curate in-building programming to foster a sense of community. The curated events provide a mix of entrepreneurs and professionals the space is a ground zero for networking, career development, and relaxation. We have a biweekly newsletters detailing the roster of events, local events, member discounts or freebies for local events or classes and a different member/company featured. We regularly host networking events, breakfasts, incubator events, startup pitch panels, mixologist tastings, food and wine pairings, and book tours. See attached menu for an event hosted by one of our partner companies. Coalition Space brings over 16 years of successfully designing, building and managing amenity spaces and flexible office solutions. Our organizational structure includes a seasoned operations director that oversees each location through its individual location manager. Coalition Space was founded in 2002 and has been built to provide flexibility and cultivate success for modern businesses. With private offices and coworking communities in New York City and Downtown Jersey City, this provider of occupancy solutions to small and large businesses gives you the perfect environment to call headquarters. Your business is different than any other. Coalition Space strives to ensure a welcoming and inspiring environment for you. Customize your space not only to inspire, but to suit your company’s needs. The team is here to help you and your business succeed. Coalition Space is committed to providing a flexible environment and services to allow your team to be the best it can be every day. All of our locations provide open amenity spaces, conference rooms, and flexible workspaces including offices, mail handling, professional services, and a comprehensive IT support infrastructure. Coalition Space has hosted influential leaders, enterprises, non-profits, and independent tech and non tech gurus.

Are you looking for a work space without noisy neighbors and loud branding? Get your business back in control. Fully furnished offices tailored to you and your team’s needs. You can move in within days. Whether it’s a full time private work space, a dedicated desk or flexible desk, a virtual office, or just a place to meet with the team - we have something for you. Coalition Space provides the space and convenience that your team needs to strive. Our spaces are ergonomically designed to stimulate and enhance efficiency. Your new professional address comes with local amenities and urban vibrancy empowering your firm’s productivity. Explore these locations to determine the right fit for your business.Coalition Space is much more than just office space. It also has an identity that is shaped by our business community. We provide an environment that allows our members to focus on their business while also enabling collaborations and connections with like-minded individuals through serendipity and, if desired, events. Choose an office space that scales and grows with you, and navigates challenges and uncertainty with you. Our Values We do what we love and are connected to something greater than ourselves. We are creators, leaders, and self-starters. We try new things, we challenge convention, and we have survived two recessions! We are genuine to our brand, mission, and values. We're not perfect, and we don't pretend to be. We are always honest and as transparent as we can be. Empowering Our Team We believe in investing in our team to create their own life's work. We look after each other and care about our culture. There's a lot of work to do together and we couldn't do it without a single member of our team. Join the Team! (action button) We are grateful for our team, our members, and we couldn't have done this alone!

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